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Date Submitted: 10/18/2001 21:27:48
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Ian Adelstein. Thatís what the nurse typed on my birth certificate, as instructed by my parents on a somewhat chilly day in February of 1980. With a bit of arrogance, I might add that the Thirteenth of February will be remembered for this insignificant act when one day my name will join the ranks of other great men; Forbes, Gates, Bundy (did I say Bundy?), Howard. Sounds plausible, doesnít it? You might be curious …
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…because Iíve always felt that Vietnam was and still is shrouded in a lot of sociopolitical jargon and propaganda. There seems to be a lot of evidence supporting a cover-up and the premise that the war was fabricated. A conspiracy indeed! If I can improve my writing and get a chance to learn more about this phenomenon then Iím all for it. Appeal to creativity, but more importantly eccentricity. Please! Bibliography Ian Adelstein
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