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Michael Leunig

Date Submitted: 01/20/2003 05:15:50
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Michael Leunig Essay By Malcolm Wanstall Question: Write an essay in which you discuss how Michael Leunig challenges us to examine our life in the modern world. Make sure you refer closely to the visual techniques he uses to convey his ideas Answer: Michael Leunig is a very successful cartoonist whose cartoons ponder the minds of even the greatest philosopher. He is one of very few cartoonists who have managed to convey such thought and …
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…life. It is clear that Michael Leunig shall be respected for the rest of time as one of the worlds greatest cartoonists and it is because of his insightful nature and his ability to think beyond the lateral way that sets him apart from most others. He uses his way of thinking in such a way that challenges us to examine our life I the modern day world. Bibliography Sydney Morning Herald - Various Editions.
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