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Michael Collins

Date Submitted: 11/25/2001 16:36:29
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The film takes place in Ireland, not very long after the Easter Rising in 1916. It's about the Irish struggle for freedom. They no longer want to be part of England. The film starts with Collins fighting in a post office during the 1916 Easter uprising against the British. They are defeated and put in jail. We watch as Collins, upon his release from prison, sets about the task of ensuring a republican victory in the next …
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…army. On the Bloody Sunday the IRA assassinated 19 British citizens in cold blood on the streets of Dublin. It's incredible to see people fight for their freedom and the way they sacrifice themselves for each other. It's also interesting to see how a force as small as IRA could crack the British and the way they did it, by using Guerrilla warfare.In my opinion this film is very exciting, because of the action scenes.
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