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Manifest Destiny+ The American Pageant. The AP history book

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MANIFEST DESTINY AND ITS LEGACY *President Harrison: elected in 1840 Webster and Clay planned on governing thru Harrison however Harrison contracted pneumonia and died after 4 weeks of being in office(shortest administration in the US history) *John Tyler: Virginia gentleman he had left Jacksonian Democracy due to J's dictatorial tactics. 1.The Whig party was a catch all party& Tyler attracted Jacksonian states' righters 2.Tyler the democrat at heart was constantly at ends on every major …
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…fearing slavocracy he proposed an amendment that stipulated that slavery should never exist in any of the territory to be wrested from Mexico.. the amendment passed the house twice but not the senate since S. member were unwilling ot be robbed of prospective slave states. The "Wilmot Proviso" was eventually endorsed by legislation and symbolized the burning of slavery *Opening shots of Mexican war the opening shots of the civil war *"Mexico will poison us"
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