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Malcom X 2

Date Submitted: 04/24/2004 18:37:20
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Malcolm X The movie Malcolm X revealed the extreme racial tensions in Harlem. Malcolm came from a broken family life. His father was murdered on the railroad tracks, he was taken away from his mother as a young boy, and involved himself in gangs, drugs, and burglary to survive. On his own, he teamed up with "Shorty" and began working as a shoe polisher to earn money and receive access to the dance club. There …
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…feelings for blacks and whites. Malcolm X had good intentions behind his actions even if at times they seemed so radical and hateful toward the white man. It was not until Malcolm went away to re-discover himself that the inspirational light shed on him to reveal that African-Americans did not need to completely separate from the white race, but that every race needed to conform to each other to complete a true ring of unity.
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