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Lord Byron

Date Submitted: 11/29/2004 07:09:31
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The one thing that almost all literary works ever written have in common is the portrayal of some kind of theme. Most all authors, whether you expect them to or not, try to covey one or more ideas about life to their readers. Some authors have very broad general themes, and leave it up to the reader to infer an exact meaning and apply them to their own life. Other authors, like most Romantic Age …
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…anything. The night was not created by anyone for any particular reason. Romantic poems have a lot to offer about every day situations, especially ones that can be emotional. The use of poetic devices in poems is not just happenstance. They are used to set a mood, create a feeling, or express an emotion. Romantic literature is defiantly a genre all its own, and is so important because it can be so powerful. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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