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Knock Off or Knock Out?

Date Submitted: 02/25/2002 11:01:50
Category: / Literature / English
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Knock Off or Knock Out? When referring to a game as being a “knock off”, there has been a previously released game (usually from a different company) that is almost identical to the newly manufactured product. Not only that, but the new game is not even remotely close to being as entertaining as the game it has copied. Why do we think that? Why do we assume that the “knock off” game is automatically going …
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…Once ten of these fruit are acquired, weapons are more powerful and last longer, it is a great addition to the game. There are many reasons why CTR out plays Mario Kart. Humor, challenge, creativity, the list can keep on going. But why is it automatically marked worse because it is a knock off? The idea that second coming games are worse than the original is completely untrue. Crash Team Racing shows this point exactly.
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