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Kevin: No evidence. No experts. No justice

Date Submitted: 10/22/2004 17:40:34
Category: / Literature / English
Length: 7 pages (1827 words)
Imagine being imprisoned for more than four years without a trial, without a bail hearing, and without being allowed to have any visitors outside of immediate family and legal staff. Imagine what kind of a crime you would have to commit to be eligible for this treatment. Murder? Bank robbery? Terrorism? The crime of the century, it seems, is computer hacking. Kevin has been in federal custody since February 15, 1995 and has never been accused of …
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…is forever forbidden to discuss the extent of their consistent and repeated violations of his Constitutional rights? Or are they simply attempting to cover-up their collusion with the FBI, a collusion whereby the prosecutors and the FBI sang the same song about mythological "losses" plucked from thin air? If Constitutional protections can be set aside for Kevin, what makes you think they won't be set aside for you, your friends, or for your loved ones?
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