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Jedism. The religion of Star Wars.

Date Submitted: 12/14/2002 17:03:33
Category: / Society & Culture / Religion
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                                            The Return of the Jedi         So far this semester, we have studied several different sociological theories of religion. These theories are built on both the known history of religions in the world and the cultures in which they originated, as well as, appropriately enough, theoretical suggestions of how those religions, and indeed any religion at all, will survive in the future. The theory I find the most true is Stark and Bainbridge's in The Future …
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…then being rediscovered, then rising again. Dark Jediism, the counterpart, will also continue in the same cycle, though on a lesser scale, since it does not recruit anywhere near as effectively or as zealously as regular Jediism does. Though the Star Wars series is a filmmaking accomplishment of extraordinary magnitude, it also deserves much credit, I think, as a sociologically correct study of the interaction of a society and a religion on a galactic level.
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