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Jack London John (Jack) Griffith London (1876-1916) was born in San Francisco, California. His mother, Flora Wellman, came from a wealthy family. As an infant, Virginia Prentiss, a major mother figure, raised Jack in Jack’s childhood, an ex-slave. She was obligated to care for Jack because Jack’s mother was ill. In his teenage years, Jack worked very hard jobs – he served on a fish patrol catching poachers; he pirated oysters on the San …
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…overdosed on morphine (accidental?) and was near death in the morning. He died that night. The other story says he got a kidney disease and died of renal failure. Either way, Jack London died on November 22, 1916 at the age of forty. His writings have been translated into several dozens of languages and are more often read in some countries outside of the United States today than in his home country. Jack London will be missed.
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