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Date Submitted: 04/08/2003 11:14:02
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CDCOPY.EXE V4.800 (C) by Markus Barth ===================================== This module allows you to write audio-tracks from CD to disk. Registered users are able to write these files to a CD-Writer. Running under Windows-95/98 the program only works with SCSI or ATAPI-CDROM/CD-R, which support this special mode. Using WINDOWS-NT it is possible to use the generic WIN32 interface to read the CDDA-tracks. By default, the module starts detecting an ASPI-interface. If it is not available the …
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…combobox and buffered reading using generic interface 1.400 - Save tracks using title of CDPLAYER.INI or chosen name 1.300 - Added tooltips, nicer buttons Dialog to save a part of a track 1.200 - Saving soundfiles as WAV, AU or RAW Classic-mode (Writing subsequent tracks of live or classic-CD in one file without pause) 1.100 - IDE-Support using generic WIN32 interface 1.005 - Support for HP-Writer 1.004 - Overread defect sectors Show content of CDPLAYER.INI if available ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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