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It Was A Year

Date Submitted: 02/10/2002 01:54:05
Category: / Literature / English
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It was a year… Review of Before the Mayflower “It was a year of funerals and births, a year of endings and a year of beginnings, a year of hate, a year of love… It was a year of passion, a year of despair, a year of desperate hope.” These words mark what could be any year known to man, no matter race or creed. Before the Mayflower is a book that opened my eyes …
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…t know that. This I will admit make me bitter about the whole situation at time. But I try not to have that harm the views that I have. I feel that no matter race, creed or gender, we are all equal, and we can all accomplish any thing we want. I live by the saying that “ if you reach for the stars, you are not likely, to come up with a handful of mud.”
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