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Is war justified or not? A detailed explanation.

Date Submitted: 09/16/2003 17:51:06
Category: / Social Sciences / Current Issues
Length: 2 pages (496 words)
Is war ever justified? Is war ever justified? I would say yes. Others would say no. I believe that there are some situations that resort to going to war and that there are some that do not. If Britain hadn't declared war on Germany when they invaded Poland, what would have happened? Would Jews still be persecuted? Would Hitler have had his "perfect" race or blonde hair and blue eyes? Would most of Europe now …
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…question "Is war ever justified" can be answered in more ways than one. I believe that there is no wrong answer to that question just an endless line of possible answers. Because some situations call for war as there may be no other option available, but when war is used in the wrong way, it is not justified. If war is ever used to persecute anybody, used in an unlawful way then it is wrong.
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