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Into the Woods

Date Submitted: 12/01/2004 01:08:09
Category: / Arts & Humanities
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Into the Woods, by Stephen Sondheim, blends various familiar fairy tales into an original story of a childless Baker and his Wife, who catalyze the action of the story by attempting to reverse a curse on their family in order to have a child. In the first act, the characters set out to achieve their goal of living "Happily Ever After" through familiar routes and at the end of Act I, all characters seem poised …
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…from her stick, were a very nice accent to the dramatization of the pl! ay. I found "Into the Woods" to be a moral fairy tale, even with all the comedy and surprises. Sondheim's songs remind us that "no one is alone, " that "children must listen," and that even though you sometimes have to work hard for what you want, the only things you really need are the things that you already have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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