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Into the Woods

Date Submitted: 01/06/2004 12:10:34
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On November 5th, 1987, James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods opened for the first time (imagi-nation). Into The Woods, fairytale like in design, was a mix of, or a more appropriate term would be, a uniting of characters from Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel. Throughout this musical there are many underlined themes, but perhaps the biggest theme of all is that there is never truly a “Happily Ever …
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…of is the ever really a happily ever after based on the musical Into The Woods, I would say yes. There must be somewhat of a happy ending to make the audience like it, because in real life there a tons of happy endings, such as if I were to die today and someone were to write a story about my life it would be a happy ending, but who knows what tomorrow will bring!
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