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How to Tape an Ankle

Date Submitted: 07/05/2003 06:23:29
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How to Tape an Ankle I have been a student trainer for three years and I plan on becoming an athletic trainer when I finish college. I have attended two summer workshops on athletic training. I have also worked with football and basketball teams at my high school and in junior college. This by far does not make me an expert on how to tape, but I do know how to tape an ankle properly. …
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…and patience to tape an ankle. With practice and time your taping will get better. Always remember: do not to get the tape too tight as this will cut of circulation in the foot and cause extreme pain to your athlete. I can usually tell when I have gotten the tape too tight by looking at the color of my athlete’s toes – if they are turning red or blue, the tape is too tight.
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