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How to Copy an Audio CD.

Date Submitted: 10/04/2003 12:01:37
Category: / Science & Technology / Computers and Cybernetics
Length: 2 pages (613 words)
As size of data getting bigger every day we need more free space. Nowadays most people buy music album on CD (Compact Disk). In addition, for their cars or other in their families, they copy Audio CD and one of the required knowledge nowadays is how to copy a Music CD. There are three major steps for copying CD. These steps are choosing and buying the right CD, knowing what kind of copy method you …
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…copying some problems could happen, such as your CD does not work or you have damaged files. If you do not use audio method, your CD will not work on any CD players or even on you computer also copying data with audio file might affect your CD and probably will not work. Although copying CD is not a big deal, but you should be careful because some problems could occur during or after copying.
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