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Hanging Fire

Date Submitted: 09/30/2000 10:12:09
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Writers use diction and tone to express their work in the form of which they wish their reader to understand it. Tone is the author’s attitude toward the reader or the people, places or events in a work as exposed by the author’s style. Diction is a writer’s choice of words, phrases, sentence structures, and figurative language, which combined with tone help to create meaning. In Audre Lorde’s “Hanging Fire,” Lorde …
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…the Math team / my marks were better than his” (ll. 26-27). Lorde is most likely presenting a negative gender stereotype to make the reader question these issues further. “Hanging Fire” presents to the reader an adolescent perspective of abandonment and lack of supervision. Regardless of whether the parents are good parents or bad parents, the child will usually find some way to blame their parents for all their frustrations during this period in their lives.
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