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GLOBALIZATION, excellent psper about the integration of the world.Also explained 3 perspectives of the Global Economy. Used exampled from book by Thomas Friedman.

Date Submitted: 10/23/2001 08:09:15
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Globalization More then a decade ago, world was divided into two half's: capitalistic and communistic. Cold War era had its own rules and ideas. Technology wasn't as advanced, foreign relations and politics weren't moving anywhere. Things were fixed and stable. Everything was pretty much "frozen". That's why it was called Cold War era. But after the fall of Berlin wall in 1989, things have changed dramatically and globalization turned its wheels on the highest level. One …
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…him the core areas being the most advanced economic activities, then periphery has provided raw materials and in the semiperiphery is involved a mix of both of the previous ones. States in the periphery are weak, in that they are unable to to control their fates, whereas states in the core are economically, politically, and militarily dominant. The basic function of the state is to ensure the continuation of the capitalist mode of production. (Wallerstein)
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