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For the Boys..

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 22:34:28
Category: / Social Sciences
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Kissing: Kissing is always the starter and it's tough to get anywhere unless you appear keen on it and are not bad at it either. Here are some tips for young punters; *<Tab/>First and most important rule... GENTLE! Don't get carried away you aren't in yet. *<Tab/>Open mouth isn't always necessary, use it only sometimes. *<Tab/>When you use your tongue, …
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…ever bite your fingernails or at least do it so its not as noticeable. Don't grow them over the tips of your fingers, they get in the way ; ) *<Tab/>Wear anti-persprant (roll on) and aftershave, fuck Lynx and Graphite. It smells crap and you sweat with it on anyway. *<Tab/>If your dick has a hood, make sure you get rid of the cheese around the top.
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