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Fern Hill

Date Submitted: 12/16/2004 00:39:36
Category: / Literature / English
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The poem "Fern Hill" by Dylan Thomas explores childhood memories and the melancholy reality of lost youth. "Fern Hill" compels the reader to come back over and over again to seek more insight into the joy and pleasure of a time of innocence lost. The figurative speech causes the reader to seek the elusive youth and boyhood days of the character and encourages the reader to mourn and celebrate with the writer for the once …
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…joys of what was; it is in the same memories we can be sad for that which is no more, and it is in knowing both, that we realize that we can live life to the fullest. It has something to do with ageing. Dylan Thomas is looking back at his childhood as being carefree and happy as time let him do what he pleased but the whole time he was getting closer to death.
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