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"Evaluation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet" -Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

Date Submitted: 12/25/2003 02:59:33
Category: / Literature
Length: 4 pages (1020 words)
Due to its quality, William Shakespeare's classic play Hamlet truly embodies his ingenuity as a literary artist. Despite the fact that the play seems very unlikely, because it is a Shakespearean tragedy, meaning all the main characters die, it does contain a sense of vitality. Not only does Shakespeare give this play a sense of vitality, but he also brings about affirmativeness to his characters. One prime example is Hamlet, with his dilemma regarding his …
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…with everyday human issues and truths, such as the complexities of the character's actions, giving it a touch of reality. Shakespeare gives his characters a sort of affirmativeness as they face their dilemmas, like Hamlet's personal struggle with his religious values and his desire to commit suicide, which makes them relate-able to the audience. The gleaming vitality of Hamlet, as well at its powerful themes and truth, combined, makes it an overall worth while play.
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