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Essay comparing two poems, "Holy Willie's Prayer" and "The Holy Fair," by Robert Burns.

Date Submitted: 07/25/2004 22:17:53
Category: / Literature / European Literature
Length: 4 pages (1122 words)
Literary Analysis: Poems by Robert Burns In a small Scottish town of Alloway, Ayreshire, a rare boy overwhelmed with talent was reading a humerous chapbook, not knowing that ten years later he would be writing poems of his own that would receive the hearts of many readers (Ferguson, p.242). That was two centuries ago, and more than half of his poems have survived him. Robert Burns referred to today as a legend, wrote poems that …
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…multiple resources of a complex verse form" (Kalasky, p.452) The two poems by Robert Burns are revealed here that they are not just a written literature, but in fact a part of Robert Burns that helps the reader understand where Burns comes from. The viewpoints have been laid out for both sides, and each poem proves to be amusing. "Holy Willie's Prayer" and "The Holy Fair" help to keep the legendary poet, Robert Burns, alive.
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