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Describe the variations in accommodation types you have seen in Rotorua

Date Submitted: 11/17/2004 21:05:27
Category: / Society & Culture / Geography
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There are various types of accommodation types available in Rotorua. The range of accommodation that is available is at different price ranges for the different groups of tourists that visit Rotorua. Accommodation developments can be found right throughout Rotorua most are concentration near natural and cultural attractions, this is particularly seen along Fenton Street. One type of accommodation available is through hotels. Hotels cater for large groups of tourists that do not stay more then …
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…isolated areas, which are not close to a range of natural and cultural attractions. Celebrities tend to hire out the whole lodge to protect their privacy, at around $1000 to $5000 a night. There are very few of these lodges in Rotorua, as there is not a great demand for them; unlike in Fiji. Therefore, in Rotorua the variation in accommodation developed is due the need to target varies niches to make as much profit as possible.
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