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Deciphering The Presidentials Tapes Watergate

Date Submitted: 08/24/2003 08:43:24
Category: / History
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Deciphering The Presidential Tapes Ever since I can remember I have always heard, whether over the news or on an educational channel, about the Watergate scandal. I never knew what the Watergate scandal was about, but I did know that it had to do with one our former Presidents. Before I read “Breaking into Watergate” I had no clue about all the lies and betrayals that went on in the highest and most prestigious office …
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…replaying private conversations, the historians experience an almost unavoidable illicit pleasure of being privy to information not meant for their ears. “Breaking Into Watergate” was well documented with factual evidence. The article gave me a sense of what really went on in the Oval Office and what kind of man Richard Nixon really was. If not for the recorded tapes and transcripts we would have never seen or known the truth about the Watergate Scandal.
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