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Date Submitted: 11/22/2004 16:18:08
Category: / Social Sciences / Language & Speech
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When you have a fear of something it normally doesn't come in the gene of your parents or it is neither passed down from family generations. You normally develop your fear of anything with events that have occurred. It's not a rare phobia and it's also not a common one but Cynophobia (fear of dogs) has its victims. Both adults and children are affected by this phobia even though they have not had a bad …
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…getting used to handle dogs and is overcoming his fear. He tries to play with small dogs to get rid of his fear and it has slowly worked. Even though Matt has a lot to go so he can play and associate with all kinds and sizes of dogs he is keen and looking forward to later years in which his confidence has grown to the maximum and he has shed his fear of dogs.
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