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Comparing ancient Sumer and Egypt

Date Submitted: 09/20/2003 20:40:56
Category: / History / Ancient History
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Egypt vs Sumer Back when pharaohs ruled and ziggurats towered, two civilizations rose to form the customs and cultures of today. Ancient Egypt and ancient Sumer were the first two civilizations to establish what we know now as every day life. Even though both of the empires were located relatively close in the whole scheme of things, both cultures evolved utterly different. They differed in four main categories: geography, how they interacted with others, religion, …
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…Each city had it's own army and enforced the laws. Scribes were hired to help with things such as taxes and keeping records. The ruler was also the head servant to the gods and led ceremonies to please them. In closing I hoped that somebody somewhere learned something about something from my essay. As you can probably already tell ancient Egypt and ancient Sumer were entirely different in geography, interaction with others, religion and government.
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