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Compare and Contrast the Central-Local Relationship in the UK system and the US system.

Date Submitted: 03/22/2004 17:33:26
Category: / Law & Government / International
Length: 4 pages (980 words)
There are many differences between the central local government relationships in the US and the UK system. The first major difference has to be the scale upon which the two systems operate on. The US, with a population of over 275million people is divided up into 50 states. The UK's population is around 60 million and is also divided into counties. However in the UK the division is merely geographical where in the US the division is …
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…their respective pairing by the electorate of their country. The American Federal Government is seen to be too big to comprehend and doesn't really affect the day to day running of the country as far as its occupants are concerned, and then the UK Local Government is seen as too insignificant to have any real impact. It is just there to give the people of the UK the illusion that there is real democracy working.
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