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Date Submitted: 06/04/2000 13:20:21
Category: / History / North American History
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The Circle In the game of baseball everything has its own unique personality, from the bench in the dugout to the playing field, which you play on. They all look at you in a different way. The one that gives me the best perspective is the on deck circle. As soon as I step into the circle everything comes alive, like it's a whole new world. Everything starts in the circle. Walking onto the dirt …
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…plate, the batter swings and sends the ball to right field. I wait a few seconds then the umpire says, "Batter up." Out of all the places to that get a sense of something, the on deck circle gives the most sense to me. I just see the game in a different way from the circle. Every game its just about the same thing, but it still has its own agenda compared to everything else.
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