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Brian Mulroney and The Free Trade Agreement

Date Submitted: 12/03/2002 10:35:56
Category: / History
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To many Canadians, Brian Mulroney seems an open book: a politician of the old school who owes his triumphs more to the opposition's weakness than to his own intrinsic strength. But behind the "jutting jaw, the smile that seems a little too self-satisfied, and the artful rhetoric is a man of mesmerizing personal charm, astonishing political cunning, and overreaching ambition." Although there were many factors why Brian Mulroney was elected as prime minister in 1988, the …
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…with the Meech Lake Accord and the Charlottetown Agreements." Both were historic accomplishments marking the first and only time since 1867 that unanimity among First Ministers was achieved in Canada--and in the case of Charlottetown this unanimity extended to the territorial governments and four major aboriginal associations. Both agreements were courageous attempts to foster Canadian unity and we should be proud of the PC Party for the leadership and courage they have demonstrated on this front.
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