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Date Submitted: 11/22/2004 04:35:27
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Boxing Introduction You all have heard of Tae boe from Billy Blanks, The Abe Roller, the so called ultimate machine, the Solo flex, and even Chuck Norrisís and Christy Brinkleyís all in one package that fits under your bed. Well I have a system thatís a hobby of mine thatís better than all of these put together. Iím going to talk about the greatest work out ever. The western style …
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…Conclusion Well now that U know something about boxing maybe you can conceder it as a work. There are always proís and conís to a work, just to let U know here are a few from boxing. Pro if you feel you need a nose job and cant afford cosmetic surgery, con if you donít need one. Pro you need some teeth taken out, con you donít get to choose. Pro
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