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Olympic Boxing: A Brutal Sport Turned Olympic Back in the Stone Age, thousands and thousands of years ago, the people didnít have much to do for entertainment so they invented a life or death sport which we know today as, boxing. There is a lot of history on top of boxing. The sport started thousands of years ago, it grew and grew in popularity until it reached its peak in the 1930ís. Boxing was …
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…of history is George Forman, who has been champion 3 times. A recent boxer who has been disqualified from the Olympics is Evander Holyfield. Some of the newer, younger boxers from this years Olympics are Michael Bennett, Felix Savon , Jose Navarro, Hicham Mesbahi, and David Jackson ( Boxing, from which in the Stone Age was one of the most brutal sports around, today its popularity continues to grow more and more every single year.
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