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Report On BOXING WHAT IS BOXING Boxing is an athletic contest between two people,who use their fists to knock each other unconcious or to inflict enough pain on the other person so they have to quit the fight or be judged beaten. A boxing match is conducted under rules and procedures and has a referee, judges, and a timekeeper. The primary goal of each opponent is to strike blows to the opponent’s head …
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…a heavyweight champion was James Figg, in 1719. In 1743 John Broughton made a set of rules that legalized some things and eliminated others, like hitting opponents while they are down or seizing them by the hair. Broughton’s rules governed boxing until 1838, when the Origional London Prize Ring ruleswere made in 1853 ,and they controlled the sport until the end of the 19th century then the IBF was formed and we use their set of rules today.
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