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Book Report: Mary E. Hull's The Boston Tea Party in American History

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:01:19
Category: / History / North American History
Length: 5 pages (1490 words)
The Boston Tea Party in American History, by Mary E. Hull, is an excellent book that analyzes the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party and establishes each event's importance in the American Revolution. The book primarily focuses on events from 1763, or the end of the French and Indian War, to the start of the American Revolution, around the year 1775, with a substantial amount of emphasis on the year 1773, or the year of the …
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…the American Revolution, identifying the Boston Tea Party as the primary cause for Revolution. Although only a third may describe the Boston Tea Party, the events following and prior to the event are very significant in the support of her thesis statement. The strongly supported thesis adds to the evaluation of the book in that the book is a knowledge-advancing tool appropriate for any student seeking enlightenment on the main cause for the American Revolution.
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