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Birthday party in Chinese family

Date Submitted: 09/02/2002 19:11:28
Category: / Social Sciences
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The memorable event for me is about my grandfather's mother's 92th birthday which was in the Lantern Festival ten years ago. As 92 is an important age for everyone, my parents spent three days preparing for this big day. On the day of her birthday, we booked a Chinese dinner in a restaurant in Chengdu. At exactly 7:30pm, all of our relatives, family members and even some friends of my parents attended this party. As far …
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…birthday cake of an older person, you also share his or her longevity. During this party, my grandmother was too excited to say any words only with huge happiness on her face. I remember clearly that at that time I saw the starry sky what I seldom met. That day gave me a permanent memory. Even though my grandmother had been death for nine years, I also miss her quite a lot forever and ever.
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