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Biography of Thomas Hardy

Date Submitted: 10/24/2002 12:52:05
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The poetry world was reimbursed with a new life on June 2nd, of the year 1840 in the small town of Higher Bockhampton, England. A poet, by the name of Thomas Hardy, was born into the world with a glimmer in his eye. As a young boy, Hardy began taking interest in playing the violin. He loved it to the point were he played it locally, getting in small plays and short musicals for only short …
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…were buried in Poet's Corner, Westminster Abbey. His heart, on the other hand, was buried in Emma's grave. Soon after The Early Life of Thomas Hardy and The Later Years of Thomas Hardy were published under Florence's name, in 1928-1930. Nicholas B. Ashton, Thomas Hardy as a Poet. . Sep. 4, 1995, 1-2 Mark Simmons, Thomas Hardy: A Chronology. ©1995-2000. 1-3
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