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Billy the Kid

Date Submitted: 10/21/2002 20:01:54
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Billy the Kid was born in the East, came to New Mexico in the 1870¡¦s, and started out on his own from Silver City. Some of the people said Billy the Kid was a hero, some said he was a murder. After reading Etulain¡¦s essay, ¡§Billy the Kid: Thunder in the West¡¨ (36-51), I don¡¦t think Bill the Kid was a hero just because he killed four people. What is a hero? Some …
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…of his childhood. "William Antrim seemed little interested in nurturing his stepsons and instead farmed them out to the homes of their friends" (37). Antrim was Billy's stepfather. Since his mother die when Billy was at young age, and his stepfather never took care of Billy, Billy became a murderer. He needed parents to nurture and teach him. If Billy had parents to educate him when he was young, then he won¡¦t become a murderer.
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