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Billy Elliot

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 05:51:10
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Billy Elliot Segment 1: * The film starts with a close up shot of Billy playing the CD player. This is followed by the song "I was dancing when I was 12; dance myself right up through the roof." As audience, we see the visual images of Billy jumping up and down as though dancing. The fragmented images consist of a variety of close-up shots of Billy jump up the screen. It then pans out to long shots …
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…to show that he is puzzled. However, when Billy asks him "so what do you do?" Debbie replies "he's been made redundant". Billy smothers a smile and realises why he speaks in this way. Irony is presented here to show that Mr Wilkinson is another example of a man who has lost his job and must look for a way back into the world employment despite of his luxurious house. *<Tab/>
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