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Date Submitted: 12/08/2004 01:08:53
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Hmmm...Where to begin. I was 17 (a junior in high school), and I was living with my boyfriend, Chris, and his parents. Chris and I were high school sweethearts. He was a senior. I had a lot of problems with my parents, they thought that Chris and I spent too much time together, and were moving too fast. I hated them for trying to keep me away from him. We had been going out a …
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…My parents visit a lot, and we get along better now. I know I am not making my life sound very nice, but when I come home from work and get to see that little girl, everything was worthwhile. But if I had any advise to give, even though having a child is a wonderful experience, wait to do it. If you save the experience until you are ready, it will be twice as special.
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