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Australia Is The Richest Country In The World

Date Submitted: 10/23/2002 19:17:57
Category: / Social Sciences / Controversial Issues
Length: 2 pages (623 words)
Australia is the richest country in the world. The richness of a country is measured by the eyes of the beholder. You cannot measure the richness of a country in money as money is worthless if you can not live happily. Price tagging the quality of air or the friendliness of a culture is impossible, as you cannot but it. Australians are rich in their cultural diversity, its ongoing achievers and the environment witch is …
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…richest country in the world because of its ability to produce world famous sporting achievers and the impact that Australian Scientists have hade on medical science and exploration. These are the reasons and the facts why Australia is the richest country in the world. A country which is rich in natural resources and bio-diversity, has a culturally diverse population and achieves the highest of standards has all the ingredients of a rich and prosperous country.
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