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Are Hybrids in the Fast Lane?

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 04:42:53
Category: / Social Sciences / Economics
Length: 10 pages (2875 words)
Executive Summary As business students, technology can help give us a competitive advantage. Hybrid cars are currently being developed, and here are the facts. Given what I've found out, what kinds of communication issues does it bring up, and what should students be learning? As business students we should know how to communicate about new technologies like hybrids by paying attention, so we can lead in the future. Hybrid Cars & Competing Technologies There …
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…the Noose [Vol. 139 Issue 13, p40-42]. Message posted to U.S. News & World Report Welch, D., Kerwin, K., Edmonson, G., & Carey, J. (2004, April 26). Gentlemen, Start Your Hybrids [Issue 3880, p45-46]. Message posted to Business Week Gil, S. (2005, December 3). Are Hybrids in the Fast Lane? Phone interview <Tab/><Tab/>presented at Office of the Attorney General. <Tab/>Alternative Fuel Manager
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