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Archtypical Fathers. King Henry IV by Shakespeare and Wyndham by Joseph Strorm

Date Submitted: 12/05/2004 00:10:14
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Archtypical Fathers An ideal father is one who is both caring and understanding. To fit this mould, one must express these characteristics. The outlook and actions of King Henry IV (Shakespeare, Henry IV Part 1) and Joseph Strorm (Wyndham, The Chrysalids), suggest characters who do not match the mould of the archetypical ideal father. King Henry IV was a father who thought not much of his son. He sees his son as a riotous, irresponsible young …
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…and Joseph Strorm lacked the ability to look eye to eye with their children. King Henry did not like the way his Prince ran his life, and Joseph Strorm did not care at all about anything other than if something was pure. These fathers both wished that their children could have been more like themselves. Both King Henry IV and Joseph Strorm are miserable fathers and should reevaluate the way they deal with their children.
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