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Date Submitted: 07/30/2004 13:30:44
Category: / Law & Government / Civil Rights
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Hanging has been utilized as a mode of execution for as long as can be remembered. More people have been sentenced to death by hanging than any other form of execution. Hangings are a very simple procedure yet there have been more botched executions by this method than by any other (Leuchter 2) Some of these problems include, many times the hangings took forever for the victim to die, they were decapitated, and even in some …
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…a method that gets the execution over with in the shortest amount of time possible. In conclusion, the United States should abolish all hangings in this country. There have been many cases of problems with this form of execution. Hangings are inhumane and are not the most efficient form of execution. With the technological advances that this country is making, there should be a way to come up with a much better, more humane way.
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