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An anti-uniform essay, covering several points on why uniforms should not be implemented into a school atmosphere.

Date Submitted: 10/31/2004 00:50:16
Category: / Society & Culture / Education
Length: 2 pages (609 words)
Why do many schools adopt uniforms into their schools? There is even mention of some public schools adopting uniforms into their school atmosphere. Obviously, there are some pros and cons in this issue, and both must be weighed cautiously before arriving at a decision. I think that schools should keep their students in mind above all. If they don't, then whichever choice they make in this debate will be a negative one. Is it really …
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…costly investment for any school, and before they proceed to implement them, they should ask themselves: is there a valid reason? Not the reasons like "uniforms improve test marks." If you think hard enough, you will realize that one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other. If you can't find a valid reason, that it is absolutely pointless and without merit to even consider making uniforms mandatory. Why should a school implement uniforms?
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