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An Outlook on Suicide

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:10:47
Category: / Recreation & Sports / Alternative Medicine
Length: 2 pages (537 words)
Most people who are suicidal aren't doing it to get the last laugh, or to make people feel bad. It is because their coping resources are outweighed by the needless shit they have to slog through on a daily basis. And what do depressed and suicidal people do when this shit happens to them? They hold it inside. Father molested you? Don't tell a soul, you don't want people worrying. Boyfriends/girlfriends treat you like …
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…will provide you relief from your pain for the rest of your life, then do what you need to to end this search. If you are as tired as I am of eating sand every time you fall, because God was not there to catch you, warn you, or was the one who stuck His foot out in the first place... do what must be done, whatever you feel is best, to end your pain.
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