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An Analyzation of the Film American Tongues

Date Submitted: 03/28/2000 22:33:48
Category: / Entertainment / Movies & Film
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An Analyzation of the Film American Tongues The film American Tongues discusses different accents and dialects in the United States. It's interesting to see how in one country there can be so many accents and so many different ways of saying expressions. An accent or dialect means the words we use and how we pronounce them. As stated in the movie, "It doesn't mean slang, which includes words and expressions that are passing fads." The …
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…w people perceive different accents and the way it influences many problems in the United States. Racism is probably the biggest problem that is a result from accents and dialects. It was shown in the film how people don't accept Black English because of the people who speak it. If people would understand and accept the fact that there is no one-way of speaking there would be a lot less tension between the different regions.
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