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All Around The Town by Mary Higgins Clark

Date Submitted: 10/23/2004 08:37:52
Category: / Literature / Novels
Length: 4 pages (1236 words)
Mary Higgins Clark started her writing career writing suspense stories and she hasn't changed very much since then. All her books are very interesting to read and they will always keep your attention to the end. All Around the Town was one of the stories written by Mary Higgins Clark. This book was a suspenseful, interesting, intriguing book. It held my interest until the end. The plot was twisty and unpredictable which meant that I …
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…to understand was when you didn't have any idea who really killed Dr. Donnelly. I think this book would make a good movie because it is so suspenseful and interesting. All Around the Town was a very good book to read. I recommend it if you like suspense novels and like to be surprised at the end. It was very well written and it was very realistic. Overall I would have to give it a 10/10!
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