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Alan Greenspan

Date Submitted: 07/31/2003 11:53:51
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Maestro: Book Review Bob Woodward’s book, Maestro, is sort of a mini-political biography of Alan Greenspan. The book doesn’t get into Greenspan’s personal life at all, rather it sticks to the discussion of Greenspan’s work as an economist for the U.S. government. There is very little criticism of Greenspan in this book. Woodward himself just tells Greenspan’s story. He doesn’t make any criticisms or offer any analysis. The …
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…Over all Woodward paints a pretty picture of Greenspan in his book, giving Greenspan almost economic- godlike status. Woodward seems to feel that Greenspan can do no wrong. I suppose if one person had to be singled out, as being most responsible for the economic prosperity of the 1990’s, Greenspan would be that man. But there were so many other factors, too, like drastic improvements in technology, which cannot be credited to any one person.
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