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Agatha Christie and her Works

Date Submitted: 12/12/2003 19:11:22
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Intrigue about things that are strange and unknown is a common trait within human nature. This vice compels individuals toward the mysteries of life, whether real or imaginary. When these qualities are combined within fiction, pleasure and entertainment is yielded through thrilling and suspenseful writings: "Readers of mysteries look for an absorbing puzzle, a well-paced plot, and a brilliant ending." This is one reason why writer Agatha Christie has earned the title "Queen of Crime." …
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…business, murder her game, and intriguing, bloodcurdling detective stories her life. Bibliography Christie, Agatha. N or M?. William Collins Sons and Company Ltd. London. 1941. Christie, Agatha. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. William Collins Sons and Company Ltd. London. 1926. Christie, Agatha. Agatha Christie: An Autobiography. William Collins Sons and Company Ltd. London. 1977. Wagoner, Mary S. Agatha Christie. MacMillan Library Resource. London. 1986. Contemporary Literary Criticism. Vol. 1. 1973. Gill, Gillian. Agatha Christie: The Woman and her Mysteries. Robson Books. 1991
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