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A complete analysis of Emily Dickinson's poem, "The soul selects her own Society"

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 03:03:11
Category: / Literature
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"The Soul selects her own Society" is one of the greatest poems written by Emily Dickinson. It personifies her literary career to the "t" with the upmost descriptiveness. This poem describes a difficult selection of the soul between two societies; popular majority and self majority. It displays a light sense of imagery with a dark sense of thought. However, Dickinson's diction, imagery, symbols, and rhyme are impeccable and root deeply from her sense of description. …
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…not read to fast and just breeze over the most important parts of the poem. The Emily Dickinson poem, "The Soul selects her own Society", is a great example of literary art and beautiful descriptiveness. It allows the reader numerous opportunities to relate to and expound on the thoughts of the poem. The poems use of diction, imagery, symbols, and rhyme are greatly used to draw the reader closer in and captivate their current thoughts.
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